B2B SOLUTIONS / Whitepaper Syndication

Whitepaper syndication is recognized as a powerful marketing tool to showcase a company's expertise by delivering valuable information that individuals are looking for. At VSynergize, we believe that content syndication is a great way of generating quality leads as well as producing optimum ROI from content. We believe, if they consumed your content, they will eventually consume your products and services.

  • VSynergize's effective whitepaper syndication services

    Our whitepaper syndication services can be one of the most effective marketing tools when it comes to lead generation, and ones that spread your whitepapers, presentations, brochures, industry study, best practices and research papers, through diverse channels, giving you a great return on investment.

  • All encompassing whitepaper syndication services

    To deliver higher content syndication and distribution, we deal with all the aspects of content syndication strategy like assets, distribution, lead delivery and landing pages. We produce more business leads which fit into your targeted profile due to our proven procedures of lead generation. VSynergize content syndication services also extends to the audience of technology professionals and business owners.

VSynergize's Whitepaper Syndication features

  • VSynergize guarantees you a minimum number of leads.
  • Fulfils a weekly or monthly lead quota of media buyers and B2B companies.
  • Provides unique leads for your business.
  • Campaigns are customized and scalable.
  • Verifies and validates leads with your custom qualifying questions before delivering them to you.
  • Makes sure that your content is at the top of contents that people in your industry and potential leads are consuming.

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