B2B SOLUTIONS / Inbound Multichannel Technical Support Outsourcing

VSynergize has a very highly skilled technical support team to take care of inbound customer service. We provide inbound technical support services to your clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through multiple channels like phone calls, email, chat, and the web. Our aim is to understand and provide necessary and timely technical support to all your client's problems.

  • Low cost and enhanced efficiency

    We hire the best talent, and our staff is experienced and specialized in tackling technical support issues as they arise. Our staff has the expertise to identify issues immediately and resolve them accurately in the quickest time possible. This reduces time and cost and also builds customer loyalty. Also our high employee retention record makes it easier for the staff to understand new product releases or market fluctuations.

  • Specialized team at your service

    At VSynergize, the tech support outsourcing team is trained to become an extension of your organization and have their skill sets continuously upgraded. We track performances regularly to make sure the tech support team is in tune with your requirements. While striving to meet your objectives, we also keep in mind your corporate values and culture in the tech support outsourcing service we provide to your clients. Our services can be customized to suit your business process needs and help your business grow.

Latest technology powering your business

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed and even the newest versions of gadgets and networks become outdated quickly. While it is highly expensive for organizations, especially medium to small sized business, to update at such quick intervals, Vsynergize has a strong technological infrastructure that is regularly and carefully maintained to make sure there are no downtimes or disruptions while in service. We make sure every network and gadget in your organization are up and running, minimizing on the losses that could occur otherwise.

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