VSynergize specializes in converting Marketing Qualified Leads to high quality Sales Qualified Leads. A lead becomes qualified when marketing decides that a lead is ready to be moved to sales. Our team has the expertise to bring clicks and capture leads engaging with content. The marketing team engages with these leads, providing them information and scores them based on their actions. These leads become your Marketing Qualified Leads and are handed over to the sales development team

Converting MQLs to SQLs

High quality Leads are the key to a successful business. They improve productivity and minimize cost. Our lead generation programs are designed to suit your marketing and sales processes. Our team is specialized in identifying leads with problems that can be solved by you. We qualify them as a SQL for you.

We ensure optimum conversion rates of your MQLs to SQLs.

Highly Qualified Leads (HQL)

When you outsource your lead generation process, one of the major advantage that becomes visible early on is the performance of unqualified leads. With targets and incentives in place, the sales team goes after the SQLs.

We at Vsynergize nurture these unqualified leads that are usually ignored by the sales team, mature them through continuous interactions and move them to the very edge of the sales funnel. These high quality leads convert faster, bringing down your average sales cycle.


One of the most widely-used methods for qualifying a sales lead is BANT: Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. With BANT we effectively identify the right leads for you, separating them from the lost causes allowing you a very strong sales opportunity.

Recognizing the challenges that using BANT just as a checklist could pose, we use it more as a concept. Though your prospect needs to qualify on all four characteristics, we change our approach every time to suit the prospect rather than sticking to a particular "script" or "process".

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