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Why Marketing Qualified Leads Are Important And How Do They Matter

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)  is a  lead found more likely to become a customer compared to other leads based on lead acumen. In simpler words, it’s any lead that demonstrates a particular level of interest in or engagement with your brand that alerts the Marketing team that the lead could become a customer is MQL.

You must be thinking about the level of interest or engagement?

It all depends on your metrics. Measuring leads through lead scoring or even during the prospecting process will help you manage those that are likely to move down the funnel. Unfortunately, it’s unusual for everyone and takes some effort.

Marketing and Sales alignment is the largest opportunity for improving your business performance. When Marketing and Sales teams are unified around a single revenue cycle, they greatly increase Marketing ROI, Sales productivity and growth. Sounds easy enough right? It can be, but with both teams having different goals and varying expectations of each other, it is imperative that Marketing and Sales come together with the same revenue-generating goals in mind and hold each other accountable.

MQLs are usually arranged in an email program, which is created by marketers using Marketing Automation Software. The software automates the posting of emails to MQLs via a pre-arranged schedule. The MQLs are “marked” based on email opens, clicks, website visits, form completions, and similar activities.

In a Sales Funnel, an MQL is the broadest part of the funnel.  Ideally, an MQL who is nurtured through Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing efforts that eventually accumulate enough lead points to become an MQL.

Why Marketing Qualified Lead Matters

Having definite reasons for the different lifecycle stages and a structure for Lead Qualification ensures your organization to sell and market more strategically to contacts.  This planned arrangement between Marketing and Sales can improve the number of well-off deals closed from incoming Sales qualified leads as well as enables you to better customize the script depending on how interested contacts are. You will experience greater success in nurturing MQL Leads if you personalize your content to be shared.

Importance of Marketing Qualified Leads in B2B Market

MQL leads are the ones that are most likely to become your significant other based on your own objectives, standards, and qualifications honed to a fine edge after years and years of dating and relationships. MQL actions may include: filling out online forms, repetitive visits to your site, adding items to their carts, attending software demos, signing up for a trial, contacting you to request for more info and so on.

Here are some important benefits of qualifying leads:

Saves time and effort:

The better Marketing Qualified Leads, the less burden on your Sales Team. Not just that, it could just help tone down the ever going battle between the Sales and Marketing teams about lead quality. The Sales team will then concentrate their efforts on those leads that actually will bring in revenue.

Improves Revenue:

When the Sales team focuses only on qualified leads and doesn’t waste their efforts, it means that they spend more time on good leads. This will mean that they will increase the volume of their sales funnel as well. Subsequently, they will close deals faster, thereby increasing revenue.

Improved coordination between Marketing and Sales:

Where there is better communication between the Sales and Marketing team. This reduces friction. The great the arrangement between the two teams, the more time people spend doing productive work. Additionally, they also avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Enhances Marketing Strategy:

A study found that 79 percent of Marketing leads never make it to actual Sales. This is definitely a cause for concern. Better alliance facilitates a feedback loop between the Marketing and Sales Teams. The best way to tackle this would be to ensure that your marketing is more targeted. You need to review how you can attract better quality leads through their Marketing.

Open better priorities:

Now that you have enhanced your Marketing strategies, you will also sort out your priorities. Maybe organic traffic is not giving you as many results as paid Marketing. So, you can now re-route your efforts and spend on PPC campaigns. This way, you will focus more on channels that have higher ROI.

Improves ROI:

Marketing Qualified Leads enables your Marketing team to know their specific target audience to direct their content, thereby enhancing returns on investment. When specific groups are focused on, it leads to improved and quality content, which will eventually cause a return on investment.

Improves the quality of your business:

Quality is always better than quantity. Sometimes, you see hundreds or thousands of people go through your site or make enquires, or even go as far as filling online forms. You may think that you’ve gotten potential customers from the numbers only for it to record zero Sales. The goal, therefore, should be to invest your resources and efforts into means that will not just increase your traffic, but traffic with a high number of qualified leads within your Marketing scope. Quality leads will always lead to more sales and productivity.

Almost all businesses can avail from the Marketing Qualified Leads. It guarantees that Sales representatives are not just handed with the casual numbers to call, but they are using high-quality leads. The result shows an improvement in productivity and more Sales conversions for the company. It also ensures that the Marketing teams are executing campaigns organized towards the leads that have the highest potential of turning into Sales.

 But, to do this well, you need a good tool that comes with built-in abilities. It should identify which leads meet the quality criteria, and how they are impacting your Sales pipeline.

So how do you get Marketing qualified leads? By nurturing them of course! If you are on the lookout for such highly qualified leads. VSynergize is a bouquet of all your quality leads we have everything you are looking for to bring Sales and Marketing together.

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