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Why B2B companies invest more time on Blogging ?

vso-bloggingBlogging is for everyone. Anyone can do it. You too can! When blogging was in introductory stages, internet was flooded with random posts and stuff. But the Google’s Panda update washed all the debris that was lying unused and kept only useful content for users. With the mission of providing quality and genuine information, Google’s algorithm became stricter than ever and now what we have is only quality with no compromise.

To cut a long story short, blog content is now seen with keen expectations and is designed in context to SEO and search engine guidelines. That is why, B2B companies or global outsourcing companies invests more time and money greatly to produce quality content which forms a part of business process management.

Since the dotcom boom and initiation of e-commerce technology, B2B companies felt a great hunger for information that could contribute in all terms to their business. Hence, blogging is now considered as a genuine form of business that contributes greatly to any business.

Let’s see why B2B and offshore companies invest time and money for blogging.

Blogging is Just Great:

A blog post on a company’s site speaks more. First of all a blog can be anything. It can be an excerpt of company’s product and services available in form of archive or it can be just an article with the most relevant information on current affairs.

But now, there’s no difference between an article and a blog post. Blogging was initially considered as informal and more of self-opinioned while writing an article needed more of research which was less self-opinioned, but with the time, this difference vanished and blogs sounded more professional. Since blogs could be created with crisp information, companies today express opinions or ask for poll on various topics through blog posts.

Blogs Build Audience:

A well-written blog creates a buzz to build audience around. A potential blog even brings potential prospects too which might prove beneficial to business in future. Secondly, if you keep feeding the audience with quality content, bingo you’ve just made a fortune out of the blog business!

Blogs Improve Site Ranking:

Blogs help in improving site ranking. How? Quality content, again! Needless to say that a site that provides awesome information with great look and feel gets a higher ranking in SERP. Having blog content built around your site tells more about authenticity of the site too. With authentic, authorized and organized content blogs can help a site rank well in search engines.

Blogs Help in Lead Generation:

Blogs and lead generation techniques go hand in hand. In fact, blogs are just great when it comes to lead generation. Blogging is again about sharing information and a good way to interact with the clients. More interaction with people around your blog means the blog gets a human touch giving authentic image to the posts. Authenticity generates more business which helps in lead conversion.


Creating a blog post needs efforts and time. Once a blog is created the next step comes, is promotion. Even if you have a well-written post, failing to optimize on social platforms turns your efforts down.

Overall, be clear on social media strategy and keep it aligned with content creation. This is the only way you can earn more on your blogging efforts.

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