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Why appointment setters are crucial to your business?

vso-appointment-settersHaving an appointment setter working for your company is a good investment. Whether outsourced or having an inbound telesales department, each has its own advantages!

Ideally, an appointment setter identifies prospects and converts them into a potential lead so that sales professional can pitch and discuss business with them. What stands important is prospects getting converted into real customers and the only way to achieve this is to pass accurate information revolving around a product or service a business offers.

Who can be called as Appointment Setters?

Professionals involved in online lead generation, telemarketing and cold-calling can be referred as appointment setters. The goal is to generate interest of customers in a particular product or service.

Therefore, appointment setters are looked upon with great interest by the company.

Outsourced Vs Inbound Appointment Setters:

Like earlier said, whether you have an in-house appointment setter working for you or an outsourced vendor both function the same. But there’s more advantage by outsourcing appointment setting tasks to telemarketing companies.

A telemarketing company works around the clock to generate qualified leads and also convert them into appointment setting. Advantages include;

  • Telemarketing companies function within their own setups overcoming time constraints,
  • Have their own business models and management with efficient operational functionality,
  • Ensured quality results

Appointment Setting via Digital Media:

Who can neglect digital media? This is where appointment setters are exactly needed. Working as an appointment setter on digital platforms such as LinkedIn requires proficiency. To identify and extract a potential prospect and convert them into a positive lead in no time is a great skill. Build trust, repo and positive reinforcement of product or service of a business is one of the expected results from a digital appointment setter.

Hence, as a business owner if you are hunt for awesome talent out there, look for these skill sets too!

Good Vs. Bad Appointment Setters:

There are certain qualities of a good appointment setter. The first and foremost quality is to handle rejection. Criticism and rejection are part and parcel of any business. One who understands this positively stays in the game. Other qualities such as listening effectively and probing are appreciated by customers.

On the other hand, a bad appointment setter struggles to find prospects. Conversion becomes a great challenge and they lose very soon in the game. Hiring average talent means gaining average results.

Hence, the risk is evident when business owners consider the work to be outsourced to other companies.


Businesses involve various dynamics responsible for operational profit and operational profit is gained only when there’s a defined direction for efforts.

The job of an appointment setter is nonetheless easy as it requires excellent communication skills.

After all, a great human touch always boosts the business horizontally as well as vertically!

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