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VSynergize Remains Very Committed to Clients, Community, & Team during COVID-19

Here at VSynergize, we’re your lead generation partner in growth. We’ve been crafting strategies to keep you focused on your goals since 2001. We understand that goals change as a result of the pandemic, and we’ve been adapting too.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we undertook a serious initiative – to deploy our 500+ employees to a work from home environment and continue business as usual. We are proud of how urgently and systematically we responded to the business impact caused by the pandemic.

We have put in efforts to plan data security, training, performance monitoring; enhancements, and additional monitoring to help ensure excellent service delivery to all our clients. We have adapted to change, with an opportunity to innovate, be creative and incentive to improve the following:

1. Fully Operational Workforce. Nothing can stop us from delivering our best

2. Evaluated, Tested model for employees. Unlocked new energies and hassle-free solutions for working

3. Secure Technology Solutions implemented. Maintaining compliance with all clients

4. Helping Clients stay ahead of the curve, producing an increase in outputs by 20%

Our constant innovation and dedication are why we’re a leader on The Manifest! The Manifest showcases company projects, like our recent sales development work for the VP of Sales at a Research Company!

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– We have implemented QA tools to help live in the new WFH environment and deliver results successfully. We also acted quickly to protect our employees’ well-being and find a solution that we were comfortable with. 

– We started the immunity-boosting program for all our employees. Daily we have a guided meditation session over video conferencing, where employees practice breathing exercises and meditation.

– We have installed temperature checks and hand sanitizing stands at the entrance of the office and encourage all employees to wash their hands as much as possible.

– All employees are also given immunity booster turmeric plus tablets

As a further preventative measure, we sanitize the entire office, desks, and chairs. We have also provided 7,000 families and daily wage workers with essential groceries, grains, and ingredients through The Art of Living, along with its sister concern the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). 

We’re keeping strong during this time, supporting the community, our clients, and our team. We’re here for you as well — please contact us today to let us know how we can help you today!

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