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VSynergize helps top Ecom companies with customer support & retention during holiday season

About the Client

A UK based online food ordering platform for takeaway food that allows users to search for restaurants and browse local takeaway menus before placing an order online and being delivered by the restaurant with small charge for using their service.

The client needed a significantly experienced partner that could support their system. They were looking for a team that could feed menus of different restaurants, receive orders from customers and place orders with respective restaurants and process the orders.


The Project

Our Challenge

The people, processes, and systems connected to these components should all be well coordinated in order to have an efficient and profitable operation. The challenge was to get together a team that is prepared for spikes in demand and amounts of traffic higher than annual averages, dealing with the influx of customer questions and queries. The client needed a thorough and quick turnaround team to take care of real-time orders; without slowing down the process.

Our Solution

We wanted to create an efficient process to meet the client’s needs and expectations, so we developed a 50+ people team to streamline and smoothen the support system:

  • Omni-Channel approach: Customers could place their order through different channels – email, chat, phone; thereby  increasing the number of orders and reducing TAT(turn-around-time)
  • Extended arm to restaurants: The team provided full proof menus for restaurants, regular menu updation and handled new restaurant signups
  • Real-times orders: We set up an inbound call process for receiving orders from customers; ensuring all orders were delivered on time

The Result

Vsynergize has been handled the project for 3+ years, with exceeding client expectations:

  • Reduced call wait time from 11 mins to 1 min 40 secs
  • Reduced email answering time from 2-4hrs to 20mins
  • Reduced infrastructural cost for the client
  • No extra charges were incurred on the part of the client
  • Comprehensive reporting procedures – provided timely, detailed reporting that captures metrics
  • Excellent project management skills

Our client choose us because we are a trusted partner for their e-commerce platform and fulfilment services, enabling them to focus on sourcing and marketing products. Being a; we can get a client started in 24-48hrs. Reach out to us today by simply giving us a call on 855-203-8196 or email at for a quick free consultation on how we can help you cope up with the busy season of the year.  Call us today, we will be glad to assist you.

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