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What Are The Best Tools for Tracking Lead Generation Services in 2018

All B2B marketers have the same goal: increase demand and great quality lead generation for the lowest cost possible. This goal is not easy to achieve with the rising expenses on the market, bigger competition, and long sales cycles.

There are people who work especially because of these issues marketers have while generating leads and make it possible for everyone to make B2B demand and lead generation much less expensive and easier. For example, social media advertising is becoming more sophisticated which allows better and more precise targeting. There is a wide range of lead generation services that can help you increase the demand and turn as many leads into sales as possible.

For example, using Pay-per-click advertising services or online ad retargeting services can help you in lead generation.


Retargeting is a form of online advertising that targets any potential consumer based on its online actions. It is a very powerful tool for re-engaging website visitors who are already familiar with the advertiser or its brand and services. This service can be used in all business models and B2B marketers often use it to stimulate leads with long sales cycles. The individuals are targeted by adding ‘’cookies’’ to the browser and because they are very specific, the audience is also specific to every ad platform.  Retargeting is a very powerful tool for people who have interest in a certain service or product and is a very low-cost approach and because of this is a very effective way for lead generation.

PPC Services

Pay-Per-Click services, on the other hand, mean that every online advertiser can allow a cost only when the ad is clicked. Advertising like this can be used on many ad platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. This approach is very important for both ad search on search result pages and other ads seen on already mentioned platforms, for a greater lead generation.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses its services at no cost for its users. Businesses can use it to see the popularity of their page, conversations, geo-locations of the users, and much, much more. The idea is to use this information to optimize every business lead generation efforts. Every business should be clear about the goals they want to achieve and this will be a good indicator of what strong leads are and what to keep in track with. Also, after you set your goals, they need to be achieved in a specific timeframe. A good tip is to maybe include a dollar in your Google AdWords search and include it per lead generation. This value is what you expect that a lead can generate if it’s turned into buying. Every business should analyze and understand the big picture. You surely cannot expect to understand your potential customers right away. But keep an eye on any interesting findings, surprises and just that might be a hint for your next strategy to lead generation.

Using Google Analytics proves to be a highly important tool for businesses to learn more about their potential customers’ online behavior for a better and more effective lead generation.

It is much easier when you understand your audience and once you know it, it’s easier to change and customize content so you can attract more traffic because it is the best low-cost, efficient way to generate new leads.


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