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Super-Qualify Your ABM Program With Intent Data

According to research, 78% of sales go to the first company that has approached, hence targetting a prospect before your competition is important. And here Intent Data is the answer. Intent Data is a prayer answered to every B2B Marketer, especially for ABM Programs. Marketing and Sales teams need Intent Data to target accounts based on their research of products and services rather than selecting accounts based on a client wishlist. 

With Intent Data, ABM Programs can run efficiently and effectively; providing important information about the target account’s behavior giving a B2B Marketer the upper edge to decide a target list. But 

Demand Gen Reports say that only 25% of B2B marketers currently use intent data to its fullest extent which shows that the ROI from Intent Data has not been explored. Here are the benefits of an intent-powered ABM Program:

# Better Content Marketing Run Campaigns

ABM is all about content personalization at all levels of the lead funnel. Intent Data gives information about which products or services your target accounts are searching for. This allows a B2B Marketer to personalize content at different levels of the sales funnel. Intent Data will identify the specific topics target accounts are looking up on the web, which content teams can use to create a range from content syndications assets to emailers to sales enablement material. This is a great way to close deals rather than just generate leads.

# Better Strategic Targetting

Intent Data ensures that a B2B Marketer is not wasting media budget on leads outside the ABM’s targeting list. With this, you can execute your Marketing Campaign right when the target accounts indicate that they are in-market looking for a perfect solution or product. Serving the right content at the right time to target accounts is valuable, especially from a branding perspective, and Intent Data helps in this regard. Combined with Intent Data that highlights which accounts are actively researching your products or services, you gain a powerful, efficient lead-gen mechanism for your ABM program.

# Better Closure of Deals

By engaging your target accounts with the right content before your competition, you can prioritize your efforts to win deals, accelerate your pipeline, and increase conversion rates.  A major focus of ABM is also to expand investments among current accounts. By monitoring the research activity of current accounts, intent data helps customer marketing, sales and customer success teams identify which customers are most likely to churn, and increase the chance of cross-selling.
Intent data’s most important value is its ability to enhance nearly all ABM efforts — from top-of-funnel branding efforts to post-sell customer success initiatives. If you’re thinking about investing in intent data to support your ABM strategy, make sure you consider its value to the entire landscape. To know more about how Vsynergize is helping Enterprise firms with their ABM efforts reach us now by simply giving us a call on 855-203-8196 or email at

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