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Missed #SDSummit 2019? Here Are The Key Takeaways!

As unpredictable as the weather in Austin, the SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit was full of thunderstruck B2B Marketing insights. The four day Summit was filled with data-driven best practices research, unveiling of new innovations across B2B and networking with an elite community of sales, marketing and product leaders.

The SD Summit was an intensive learning opportunity, unveiling the latest insights, intimate breakout sessions with SiriusDecisions analysts on niche topics, and customer case study presentations; all focused on operationalizing growth strategies and being better marketers. If you couldn’t make it to Austin this year, here are the top key takeaways:

# Make Magic with AGILE

Cristina DeMartini, Service Director – Marketing Operations Strategies and Jeff Lash, Vice President and Group Director – Product Management provided best practices and recommendations for leveraging AGILE across sales, marketing and product to improve execution and outcomes.

Follow the five steps to capitalize on the benefits of AGILE aligning the functions in your revenue engine and setting your teams up for cross-functional success.

Articulate what agile means for your organisation

Gauge where agile can be best applied

Integrate planning to set the stage for agile initiatives

Leverage agile to enhance existing processes

Establish an agile process and cadence

# Dare to Disrupt Yourself

“Technology is disrupting us. Therefore we must disrupt ourselves”  said Dana Therrien, Service Director, – Sales Operations Strategies during the keynote presentation “Revenue Operations: Now Is the Time,”  along with Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director – Marketing Operations Strategies.

To align marketing operations, sales operations and customer success as a revenue operations function, organizations must stay in step across three key dimensions:  

Strategic – vision, goals

Operational – strategy, planning, infrastructure, personnel, data, measurement

Organizational – functions, people

# Alignment requires Chemistry

Megan Heuer,Vice President – Research and Marisa Kopec, Vice President – Innovation and Product Management introduced two key concepts that will be reinforced throughout the Summit –  high performance and future vision. They shared five trends that will shape the future of B2B: Artificial Intelligence, Accountability, Atomization, Authenticity and Adaptability.

“We need to adopt a learning mindset one that’s open to new ideas and ways of doing things, not a fixed mindset that constantly looks to tear things down or say why they don’t work. Adaptability is about the optimism and ingenuity that have delivered so many breakthroughs in business and beyond.”

# Future of ABM = Smart B2B Marketing

Bob Peterson, Senior Research Director – ABM, Matt Senatore, Service Director – ABM and Steve Casey, Principal Analyst at Forrester; the trio persisted that Authenticity and ABM go hand in hand.

“Customers expect to be treated as a market of 1 – connecting the experience across all touchpoints and enabling them to learn, buy, use, and engage more efficiently and effectively.”

# You Can’t Grow What You Don’t Have

Organizations that pay attention to retention will be the ones who improve engagement, loyalty and growth, according to Lisa Nakano, Service Director – Customer Engagement Strategies and Amy Bills, Research Director – Customer Engagement.

The duo shared SiriusDecisions’ customer retention methodology, including the following elements:

  • Define accountability for retention
  • Understand retention decision roles
  • Identify and map retention signals
  • Evaluate technology options to improve scalability, predictability and the ability to respond to customers in near real time
  • Ramp up customer retention efforts through a step-wise, continually improving approach

# Respect and Relevance Imperative in the Age of the Customer

Isabel Montesdeoca, Service Director – Demand Marketing and Peter Ostrow, Senior Research Director – Sales Enablement Strategies say B2B provider actions are making a negative impact on customers because their efforts are driven by flawed assumptions about what drives customer engagement and trust.  “Context, degree and choice are all key elements to your Personalization strategy.”

There are five principles that support respectful, relevant interactions. – Private, Personalized, Dynamic, Interconnected and Effortless.

#Be Empathetic: A Note to Marketers, Leaders, and Humans

Grammy and Academy winning artist and activist, Common kick started the Summit with an inspirational keynote on what makes a leader. He said “The keys to being a real leader are resilience, service to others, and staying true to your higher purpose,”

Being a true leader isn’t about the money or achievements – service, self-improvement and learning should serve as guiding themes. He urged the audience to incorporate the principles of true leadership into their professional and personal lives. “Truly, leaders are the people that are already changing lives, communities and their companies”

Alex Sheen, Founder of Because I said I would, a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to bettering humanity through promises made and kept said “When you have a strong why, you can be strong.”

In his ovation worthy keynote speech centered on empathy and a desire to serve others, he said, “It doesn’t matter what language you speak, or how much money you make, we all understand the value of a promise.”

If you were at SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit last week, we would love to hear some of your takeaways.

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