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5 Awesome tips to lead generation within a small marketing budget

lead-generation-tipsWe’ve all been to shopping malls and particularly you must have seen small business owners trying to attract prospects in some way or the other. Once they get a customer, they try various selling techniques when they crack a deal.

The point here to understand is, irrespective of your business dimensions, how potential leads can be generated within a small marketing budget

Understanding Lead Generation:

In business terms, a ‘lead’ is the person who shows interest in your company’s product or services in various ways.

On the other hand, ‘lead generation’ is the process of attracting clients or customers and converting them into a potential lead just as we mentioned above.

For example, you fill out a survey form for a holiday package with details about your location, meal, accommodation, travel etc.  So, when you submit the detailed form, survey companies then map your preferences to the most suitable offer/s. This makes easy for them to discuss further business which eventually ends up in a successful deal.

Setting Budgets for Lead Generation:

Marketing is a costly affair so it is essential to concentrate on cost initially instead of return. In the digital era, marketing is characterized by data usage with an increased focus on lead generation.

Consequently, putting a sound budget to work is to be emphasized that will determine your KPI’s in accordance to business objectives and productivity goals.

To put it simple, you can frame the above narrative in one-line as, “A flexible budget with value added KPIs shall allow you to achieve great results”.

With marketing initiatives, lead generation becomes easier, but what should you do when you are running on a low-budget with no compromise for value added KPI’s?

Here are some tips to get the most out of a low budget:

  • Webinars:

Customers love a valuable offer if it is free. Run a webinar with the renowned authorities delivering for you. Choose a topic that is important for target audience and be sure to offer signups before the event.  Put social media and referrals to work to get a good number of attendees.

  • PPC(Pay-per-click) Ads:

PPC ads are slightly expensive especially if you intend to keep a small budget. However, there are multiple search engines that offer PPC ads. It is a little risky coz you’ll have to choose words that are relevant and affordable and even it may not work well with those out of your demographics. But despite of it being an expensive initiative, PPC ads ensure maximum visibility and reach.

  • Resource Guides and Whitepapers

Resource guides and whitepapers provide subtle and important information for free with an effort to attract potentially interested customers. The best way to attract potential customers is to design a landing page guiding on user benefits.

  • LinkedIn :

Potential prospects are most easily available on professional platforms like LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers genuine and authentic information. Thus, if you are running a low budget marketing initiative start networking out with people on LinkedIn.

  • Email Marketing and Tele-calling:

Email marketing and Tele-calling may be old techniques, but haven’t vanished yet! Still email marketing enjoys a prominent position in the list of marketing initiatives. Prospects will surely follow you if your offer tastes delicious.

Remarkably, tele-calling is one of the good techniques if you sound genuine and provide something worth of their time.

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