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How To Get a Perfect Balance Between Lead Quantity v/s Lead Quality

For a very long time, we have been discussing online Lead Generation. So lets just quickly understand what is a Lead?

A lead is a potential customer which indicates that they are interested in buying from you. In most cases, a lead shows higher chances that they wish to be contacted by submitting their information directly to you. And what are the types of Leads? 

A lead comes through multiple ways in the sales funnel. There can be different types of leads based on what stage in the sales process they are in, and whether they have been touched by sales, marketing, or both.

BANT is a widely-used framework of a qualified lead, which stands for Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline. These four components encompass the majority of criteria that are necessary for determining if a lead has true potential to become a legitimate sales opportunity.

While thinking of Lead the Quality and Quantity are the most important factors that come into our mind. But before we step into it lets just understand what is Lead Quality and Lead Quantity?

What qualifies as Lead Quality’?

A lead that has the potential of turning your prospects into your customers is known as a Quality Lead. Lead quality can be measured by the method of Lead Scoring. This method is used to rank prospects on a scale that represents each lead’s value to your organization.

What qualifies as Lead Quantity?
Getting Quality Leads starts with dragging enough leads to sift over the first place. This is where focusing on Lead Quantity begins.

Sales teams basically care about Lead Quality while Marketing departments look at Lead Quantity as a measure of a successful Lead Generation campaign. In most cases, these two teams don’t work together because sales tend to care about conversion rates while marketing cares about generating more leads.

It’s Not Just Quality OR Quantity –  It’s the combination of both

No matter how well you’ve optimized your sales funnel, you’re going to get some leads that fall outside your “most valuable” criteria.

With some intelligence try that the lesser-quality leads you bring in don’t be “useless” or a “waste of money”.

To obtain a profit out of both types of leads, use these Golden Strategies:

Steps Marketers should take to ensure that they not only produce more leads but also that they continue to filter and nurture those leads in a direction that streams high-quality to the sales team. In simple words managing the quantity and quality of Leads is of utmost importance.

Check out the following steps to acquire the balance between the quantity & quality of leads

  1. Build a Lead Generation Website
  2. Make use of your website to separate the Leads by quality
  3. Establish efficient Automation, Nurturing, and Scoring processes
  4. Make the best use of Content Marketing
  5. Carry out an automated Lead Filtering system or consider hiring a Lead Scrubber
  6. Measure your strategies
  7. Keep transparent communication with Sales
  8. Report, Analyze, and Repeat

Tip: If you are not gaining enough quantity, there’s no point in worrying about quality.

The Basic Guide to Balance the Lead Quantity & Lead Quality

Now that you know when you must go for quantity and instead of quality and vice versa, let’s take a look at what you can actually do to improve online lead generation through quality and the quantity.

  • 1. Make use of Social Media or PPC strategies to strongly target
  • 2. Make the use of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 3. Create SEO optimized targeted landing/squeeze pages
  • 4. Create unique content that helps you stand-out
  • 5. Promise value through special bonuses and offers
  • 6. Investigate and explore multiple channels
  • 7. Increase interaction to impress your social media prospects
  • 8. Track your leads and abandon the sources that do not work
  • 9. Promote but don’t force participation through lengthy forms
  • 10. Ask for minimum personal information and high-light a no spam policy
  • 11. Use a strong call-to-action that reflects your credibility and quality

In order to strike the best balance in improving both Lead Quantity and Quality, marketers must make sure both the departments i.e Sales and Marketing share integral information regarding the leads, especially those that convert from Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads. With a systematic approach, you will be able to improve the quality, quantity and ultimately the ROI of your online Leads Generation without increasing your budget.

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