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How syncing ABM and Lead Gen Campaigns can give you a win-win relationship

As buying circles grow, marketers feel the heat to directly impact revenue growth. This is a major reason there is a major adoption of ABM, an approach that focuses on relationships with your prospect in highest opportunity for high value accounts. ABM matters now specially at a time when buyers demand an outreach tailored to their business.

Industry reports say that 64% marketers plan to adopt ABM strategy in this year. But, the ABM method can fall flat due to siloed efforts, for e.g. lead generation campaigns impacting conversion rates, drained resources and affecting ABM  program impact. If you are running only lead generation campaigns, you are not targeting the entire decision-making group. For ABM programs to reach its maximum potential, it is important for a B2B marketer to mobilize all engagement efforts and sync in with lead generation campaigns. Here is why ABM should conspire with lead gen efforts:

Your brand has a consistent message

When prospects view a consistent message across channels, the intent of purchase increases by 90%.  When lead generation efforts are siloed, it becomes very difficult for a B2B marketer to maintain a consistent messaging towards the target account and decision makers. More than 80% marketers struggle with cross-channel performance outcomes. By integrating your ABM program with lead generation channels, one can ensure there is consumption of timely content by targeted account decision makers.

Optimises your program

When demand generation engagement channels are siloed, it is quite impossible to gain visibility of the program performance. When a B2B marketer collaborates ABM channels into one holistic integrated program, they can view a bigger picture of how the combined strategy is performing, rather than wasting resources and time trying to make sence of various reports and data sources. The results will be more accurate, helping you make a better optimized decision.

Enables Full-Funnel Engagement Tactics

Account based marketing is all about focus – focusing the marketing efforts to reach out, engage and convert accounts that are more likely to generate revenue. With focussed accuracy, ABM drives key accounts through sales funnel, and helps close deals as soon as possible. Growing pipeline and revenue goals mean B2B marketers must support the entire customer lifecycle by providing content and messaging relevant to each account’s stage.

Increases Program Impact

When ABM engagement channels are synchronized, there is a much greater chance that your brand’s messaging and content will be noticed by targeted accounts. It is necessary to use account focused lead generation channels to provide ROI gains. Lead generation campaigns either on LinkedIn or content syndication is great for acquiring necessary decision maker contact data, but alone can’t cover the entire buying committee of the targeted account. Synchronizing ABM efforts with lead generation campaigns ensures high level account engagement.

Ensures an Always-Evolving Approach to Your ABM Strategy

Nearly 9 out of 10 marketers say their digital marketing mix is not keeping up with the audience pace. It is vital for a B2B marketer to keep pace with the current market shifts and trends. ABM strategies and high profile account engagement tactics should be quick and adapting to the changing audience needs. By syncing ABM efforts with lead generation channels you enable each to learn from the other, helping the overall strategy evolve.

Unifying your ABM efforts and lead gen channels will result in big gains for your strategy, marketing & sales team and the company. At VSynergize, we help you refine your ABM strategy while our service team provides you with dedicated expertise. We can provide you a holistic view of which accounts, campaigns, sources, and content are driving the best results so you can truly maximize your marketing expenditures. Take your B2B marketing to the next level with us – Contact VSynergize at 855-203-8196 or email at

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