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How is B2B Telemarketing Different from B2C Telemarketing?


B2B and B2C are the terms originally coined to make a clear sense of difference in the field of Ecommerce businesses, that is involved with direct consumers versus those whose market are other companies.

What exactly do we mean by B2B, B2C and Telemarketing?

Any individual shopping for themselves versus shopping for their company is completely a different emotional experience and somewhere deep-down we all know that “yes” it is. Commercial transaction between two businesses is known by the term B2B, which stands for Business-to-Business, whereas, selling products directly to the consumer, is termed as B2C, which stands or Business-to-Consumer. Telemarketing is a form of marketing with potential customers, which involves marketing of good or services via phone calls, mostly unsolicited.

Let us peep into the details hat how B2B Telemarketing is diffrentiated from B2C Telemarketing

  • B2B Telemarketing is solely involved in business via calls to initiate sales with different businesses in the market. The key is to plug to the choice of the main decision makers, which represent their corporations, whereas B2C Telemarketing directly targets individual customers (the direct consumer) who would like a product or any service.
  • B2B for obvious reasons is more relationship driven with the other partners involved, while B2C is product driven as they deal directly with the end users.
  • The strategies to increase sales are very crisp and directly depend upon the sales person in B2C organization but in B2B there is a channel which handles the end users.
  • In B2B the target market is small yet more focused but the target market for B2C is vast and very large including every possible consumer.
  • B2B telemarketing have longer sales cycle, that needs to nurture the leads while B2C telemarketing is transaction based and involves single step buying and selling process.
  • B2C comprises emotional purchasing which includes brand of the product, price and desire, on the other hand investment in B2B are completely rational based on present business value.


The goals are similar for both B2B Telemarketing and B2C Telemarketing companies, that includes building brand awareness, sales and retain customers but the strategies’ that they use are different and follow different cycles. Hope we helped you to have a basic idea behind what these two markets are and how they are different with kind of similar goals.

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