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4 Old Sales Habits That Will Improve Your Customer Service

customer-serviceIn sales like every other professional field there are some habits or business strategies that have been going on for generations. For decades Sales and Customer Service have been following certain trend and as it is said old habits die hard. So the same has continuing as change is challenging, but sometimes in the long run change can be more productive.  Institutions that don’t change with times lose the battle in the long run.

Here are 4 sales habits that we need to change immediately –

  1. There is only one correct answer – It is a wrong assumption that there is only one sales technique that can click and will work, there is no one right answer. Traditionally, there is the sales funnel, including top, middle, and bottom progress that all sales institutions follow but there are different ways to execute the same. With time you need to constantly keep modifying and making changes according to our surroundings for better customer satisfaction.
  1. Signing a deal is not the job of just the sales team – Signing a deal is a joint effort, only the sales team is not responsible for sealing a deal. There has to be a proper collaboration from the IT to the marketing team all have to be equally involved, the more involved all the processes are the more likely is it for companies to succeed in signing a deal.
  1. Not doing your homework – The best way to stay ahead in the game is to do a background study about the customer. It is always easy to sell if you know your customer before starting a conversation. The simple understanding of the background of a customer helps customer service teams know and understand new and existing customers in order to be proactive and responsive.
  1. Cold calling is the only way to generate sales leads – Cold calling is one way to generate leads but there are several other ways also to do the same. There are several channels to get leads in sales. Email-marketing and online campaigns are just some of the ways. There are many mediums like these to generate sales leads.

The above mentioned sales traditions have been continuing for decades now and many companies tend to stick to the same. But with the progress of time and advent of new methods sales and customer services is going through a complete revolution.

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