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Data cleaning and appending checklist for GDPR: How can VSynergize help

The General Data Protection Regulation Act that came in to effect in May 2018 has been the cause of much confusion across the globe to businesses of all sizes and industries nad mandates major changes to a marketer’s B2B lead generation efforts. Sales and marketing teams have been hit with a double-edge sword as typically a lot of 3rd party data and technology providers are integrated and many have struggle to understand where the ultimate responsibility lies.

Technically, when people have to opt-in to receive marketing communications, the number of people you can communicate with naturally falls, leaving you with the people who are interested in your products and service; and who are more likely to be responsive than a wider list of unqualified contacts. It’s not just about cleaning your data once and being done with it. It’s about how your data is managed and maintained, right from cleansing your data to implementing a process to ensure that quality is maintained in your database.

Here are a few best practices you should adopt to keep your business GDPR compliant, data clean and make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible.

Announce your GDPR compliance

GDPR needs to be addressed at an organizational level, since there will be explicit customer approvals. It will make sense to invest in account based marketing since there won’t be loose opt-in policies. Also, creating double opt-in campaigns for existing contacts is crucial for marketing success.

Implement tools to get user consent

Under GDPR every user needs to provide opt-in consent before marketers are allowed to track, retarget or mail those users. It also must be easy for users to revoke their consent at any time and have a clear understanding of who is using their data and what it is used for.

Audit your current lists and cleanse your data

Keep your contact information accurate. You need to regularly verify contact information and keep it up to date — so be careful when you are entering new data. Conduct a health check of your database and see how many of your entries are inaccurate and out of date. Take the time to audit your data and fill in the holes before it is too late.

Develop and follow a Data Standardization Process

The process should work for your business — articulating how data should be entered in your CRM. This will enforce an organized and consistent environment for entering data into your CRM, and prevent human error. Don’t keep the contact details of leads that have unsubscribed. They should be removed from your CRM entirely as soon as they unsubscribe.

Clean data needs to be an ongoing priority for your organisation; you simply cannot maintain GDPR compliance without a consistently clean database. To accelerate your lead generation it’s recommended that you work with partners who are already following the rules.

At VSynergize we are already GDPR compliant for any of our marketing campaigns – be it lead generation or webinar registrations; we have a clear opt-in checkbox for prospects to consent their data that will be passed on to the client. We also provide them with an opportunity to opt out any time needed.

The positive is that when working with a trusted marketing partner like VSynergize for lead generation campaigns, you don’t need to change your lead generation strategy. Since the act has come into effect, we have worked with clients on GDPR compliant campaigns, to test the quality, results and performance.

Our focus in on your customer and your needs.

There are still many companies that say their are customer focused, but plenty still choose to push communications without regard for the customer. We ensure that each communication sent on behalf of a brand is focused, provides value and doesn’t waste the customer’s time. By improving the quality of data, we provide scalable and quality leads for our customers which translates into ROI for their marketing campaigns.

Get in touch us with about your next marketing campaign. We specialise in creating technology-led marketing campaigns for our clients to deliver a reliable and scalable source of inbound leads that convert into customers. We can get you started in 24-48 hrs, if you have any questions shoot us an email at or call on 855-203-8196.

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