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9 rules to live by when purchasing B2B contact lists

B2B contact lists that are outside your buyer persona or prospect criteria or include inaccurate information like wrong email, phone number can break the best campaigns. With the accurate B2B contact list, you can get access to current and relevant market information, reach and connect with your target audience, boost your marketing and sales qualified leads and ultimately generate a higher ROI.

But B2B contact lists come with their own catch, which may require a leap of faith on your part when investing in lists that the provider claims are hot leads. Finding a quality vendor will unlock the benefits of buying B2B data lists without exposing you to the cons or risks. When deciding whether to buy B2B contact lists from a provider, make sure to ask tough questions and push for maximum transparency.


Pick a reputable company

You can find a superior data provider by looking for reputation. These may include a company websites, transparent and easy-to-find contact information, and reviews.

Also look for companies that offer trials of their data list services. They are confident that you will want to buy after you try, which is an extremely positive sign.


Compare your data provider vendors

Make a comparison chart of the data vendors you can get services from and check the best suitable solution for your needs. Choose the vendor that best matches your needs and requirements.


Identify your ideal target audience

To identify the people or businesses you’re going to target, you need to identify your ideal client. You can do this by examining the characteristics of the existing clients you’ve sold to most successfully in the past. Using these traits, you can create a profile of your ideal client. The individuals or organizations that match your profile the closest will make up your target market.


Do not go for a one size fits all lists

In the world of B2B marketing, “one size fits all” is a concept that doesn’t exist. Every company has a different industry, marketing niche, and buyer persona. A good data vendor will let you build custom contact lists based on your needs instead of trying to sell you a pre-existing list.


Conduct a test on the contact lists

Ideally, the company you plan on purchasing a list from will allow you to test a list before buying. By testing a leads list, you’ll be able to determine if it includes prospects who’ll have a genuine interest in your products or services before you commit to buying a full list of contacts.


Is the data dynamic when was it last built

The best email list vendors test their data frequently to determine how accurate it is. They will have an idea of what percentage of their correspondence received a hard bounce, what percentage received a soft bounce, and what percentage was able to transmit.


Get a custom contact list

The best data vendors will give you a smart profile selection options that let you choose the right contacts using firmographic, demographic, technographic, and geographic information. Choose a data provider, who can create contact lists based on your criteria that helps you in reaching your target audience. Very few data providers work closely with you and aim to deliver data that best fits into your marketing and business goals.


Check how often the list updated

Find a data vendor that tracks and updates contacts consistently—not one that sells old, dead lists. It is important that your list has regularly verified contact information and which is GDPR compliant. As B2B data changes constantly and it decays at a rate of around 35% a year. Hence, it is important to use clean and fresh data lists constantly to achieve desired results.


Check for data source

Always know that the data is reliably sourced before purchasing the list. Your data providers should be certified by at least a few acts or associations like Data Protection Act, Direct Marketing Association (DMA). It is quite unrealistic to attain 100% deliverability guarantee, even then, your data provider should have the potential to reveal the valid contact lists.

Always ensure that you follow these steps while purchasing B2B contact lists, as they serve as a power fuel for your marketing campaigns! Looking to connect with B2B prospects through multi-channel marketing campaigns? VSynergize can help! We are proud to be the rare B2B data vendor that meets each of the expectations listed above. With profile selection options, geographic targeting capabilities, detailed firmographic and technographic data, and updated contacts as they move roles, our B2B data source is what you need. If you have any questions shoot us an email at or call on 855-203-8196.


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