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3 Steps to a Cleaner B2B Marketing Database

Marketing and sales data is one of the most valuable assets for a B2B marketer; yet for all the talk of data-driven marketing, most B2B companies are in denial about the state of their marketing data. According to reports, an astonishing 94% of B2B companies suspect inaccuracy in their database.

While a bigger database means more reach in your email programs, but it is of zero value if your contact data is out-of-date or invalid. If your database is filled with years-old contacts, you’re not marketing as effectively as you could be. It’s all too easy for a database to fill up with duplicate contacts, inactive email addresses, and even spam traps, all of which spell trouble for businesses. The more relevant the data is that feeds your marketing programs, the better and more powerful the results will be. To ensure you are achieving and reporting the best possible marketing program ROI, follow these tips for managing your B2B marketing database:

#Identify critical data

The first step towards maintaining a clean database is to prioritize the data according to its importance for your business. Identifying all the fields specific to your industry and then including the ones necessary to complete the database will send you on your way. For example, you will need fields like names and designations of the decision maker; their phone numbers and email addresses; referral details etc while compiling your contact list.

#Analyze your data

The next step in this process comprises of analyzing your existing data. B2B lead generation agency needs to handle a whole lot of data and it’s important that it is free of errors. To make the process effective, one must try to analyze what’s missing in the database, what should be disposed off and what needs to be filled in. Standardizing the process helps, however, allocating resources to cleanse the data manually sometimes is also necessary.

#Standardize database building process

As mentioned above, standardizing the process is important since it gives an idea to the staff about what is to be done exactly to cleanse the data and maintain a clean database. These standard routines should apply not only to the new data but also to the previously entered data. Equally important is to find authentic resources for filling in the missing links.

#Regular data cleansing and augmentation

Clean data is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and periodic reviews. With today’s highly mobile workforce and employee churn at an all-time high, data gets stale quickly. What you need is a regular process in place to give your marketing and sales databases a deep clean with real-time, accurate data. But you don’t want to waste your in-house resource to clean data. Partner with a reliable company to not only cleanse your data but to validate, augment, and refresh data periodically.

Everything works better with a clean database: your marketing spends are more effective, prospects are engaged, and your company reputation is safe. VSynergize can help your optimize your B2B prospect database and your impact on revenue. We are proud to be a B2B data vendor that meets each of the expectations listed above. With profile selection options, geographic targeting capabilities, detailed firmographic and technographic data, our B2B data source is what you need. If you have any questions shoot us an email at or call on 855-203-8196.

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