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20 Shocking Lead Generation Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

lead-generationWe, as marketers, are always on the lookout for new ways and means of lead generation. Cold calls, emails, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails, events, presentations, meetings – the mediums are endless but using them appropriately is what helps in getting the maximum number of conversions. Whether you’re looking to expand your business by engaging more with your existing customers or setting up a lead generation campaign to get on board some new ones, it’s helpful to know what works today and what just might be a waste of time and resources. Designing a lead generation without having proper stats in hand is like trying to swim in the pool without knowing the technique. You might put in a lot of hard work, effort and hours into it but if it is not done right, it’s all going to go in vain. Strategically planned and executed lead generation drives help get in business revenue and increase the overall turnover of the company.

Here are 20 interesting stats about lead generation that will prove to be helpful for your planning –
1.[bctt tweet=”Outsourced B2B lead generation is 43% more effective than in-house B2B lead generation.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingSherpa
2. [bctt tweet=”61% of B2B marketers identified generating high quality leads as their biggest lead generation challenge.” via=”no”]
Source:B2B Technology Marketing Community
3. [bctt tweet=”Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.” via=”no”]
Source: Forrester Research
4. [bctt tweet=”Converting qualified leads into paying customers is a top priority for 57% of B2B firms.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingSherpa
5. [bctt tweet=”The biggest challenge for B2B marketers is “generating high-quality leads (61%)” via=”no”]
Source: B2B Technology Marketing Community
6. [bctt tweet=”Only 56% of B2B companies verify business leads before they are passed to Sales.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingSherpa
7. [bctt tweet=”Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.” via=”no”]
Source: Online Marketing Institute
8. [bctt tweet=”73% of all B2B leads are not sales-ready.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingSherpa
9. [bctt tweet=”83% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingProfs
10. [bctt tweet=”Top 5 B2B lead generation methods: inside sales, executive events, telemarketing, tradeshows & email.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingProfs
11. [bctt tweet=”81% of businesses have reported their blog as useful or critical to generating leads.” via=”no”]
Source: HubSpot
12. [bctt tweet=”49% of B2B marketers report heavy use of mobile marketing for lead generation.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingProfs
13. [bctt tweet=”62% of companies say that social media has become an important source of leads.” via=”no”]
Source: HubSpot
14. [bctt tweet=”49% of B2B marketers use sales lead quality to assess content marketing success.” via=”no”]
Source: MarketingProfs
15. [bctt tweet=”Marketers using social media for 3+ years report that it has helped them improve sales (58%).” via=”no”]
Source: Social Media Examiner
16. [bctt tweet=”The best B2B email tactic marketers found to be successful is: compelling content for each stage.” via=”no”]
Source: B2B Technology Marketing Community
17. [bctt tweet=”Lead Generation from LinkedIn was successful for 65% of B2B companies” via=”no”]
Source: LinkedIn
18. [bctt tweet=”Over 68% of B2B companies are using landing pages in order to increase new leads for their sales teams.” via=”no”]
Source: HubSpot
19. [bctt tweet=”Nearly all B2B buyers (94%) will conduct some kind of online research before making their purchase decision.” via=”no”]
Source: Marketing Charts
20. [bctt tweet=”76% of B2B buyers use three or more channels when researching a potential purchase.” via=”no”]
Source: Blue Nile Research

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