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20 Creative Ways to Grow your Email List

ways-to-grow-your-email-listEmail is a great way to reach out to your existing as well as prospective customers and can help you create long-term relationships with them. Everyone is aware of the fact that it is the channel that has one of the highest ROIs across all marketing mediums, especially when you use it well with social media. According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing offers an ROI of around 4300%!

There might be a day when you are too busy to take a look at your Facebook timeline, you may not find time to go through the tweets and hashtags that are trending on Twitter, but checking your inbox is something that you would definitely do. While emails provide a greater visibility as compared to many other marketing channels,the big question is, how do you ensure that you have a large email list which you can leverage? Here are a few ways that can be helpful –

  • Have a prominent subscription button

Give your readers an opportunity to subscribe to your content through an easily visible Subscribe button. You can consider adding it in multiple parts of the site like the header, the side panel and below every post.

  • Use pop-ups and pop-overs

Pop-ups will make your subscription form impossible to miss. You can have one appear the moment a reader opens your site and also incorporate more after the reader has spent a particular amount of time on the site.

  • Give them a good reason to subscribe

The readers should be sure about what they are going to receive by subscribing to your list and must also be convinced that it is something that they need. For example, if you are a technology company, you could keep your readers about the latest tech trends; or if you are a digital agency you can inform them about tips and tricksfor using various platforms.

  • Offer a high-value white paper

A white paper with interesting and thought leading content can be a good way to get people to subscribe to your email list. Know your target audience, understand what they like,create compelling content, and provide a good title to your white paper. Have a good landing page for your whitepaper which can get the readers interested in downloading it.

  • Run a contest on social media

Contests help create a fun and engaging experience for your readers. While a contest can involve answering questions, submitting images or videos, or using hashtags, the key is to get the participants to register for it by subscribing.

  • Publish a newsletter with specific content

A newsletter with the right content can get readers to immediately subscribe to your emails. Begin your newsletter by keeping your users’ needs in mind and add three to four other posts which they will enjoy.

  • Monitor your metrics

Analyzing your readers and their behavior towards the content you share will help you a great deal in the long run. Pay close attention to delivery, click-to-open, spam compliance, share/forward and unsubscribe rates and keep tweaking your email content accordingly.

  • Use your Facebook page

Promote special offers on the timeline of your Facebook page and let people avail those by providing their email address. Add social sharing buttons to the landing pages and encourage your subscribers to share these offers with their friends.

  • Add a call-to-action button at the top of your Facebook page

On the cover photo of your page, Facebook allows you to add a call-to-action. Ask your viewers to ‘Sign Up’ by leading them to a landing page that requires an email address to access.

  • Create a Twitter campaign

Run an interesting Twitter campaign to promote an eBook, newsletter or any other free resource that requires an email address for downloading.

  • Create a free online tool or resource

A tool that is helpful to your readers will make them readily subscribe to your list. For example, if you are a design website, a tool where you can create a free logo design or edit photos will prove to be useful for your readers.

  • Upgrade your old email list

If you have a list of old email addressesand you are not sure how many of them still exist, shoot an engaging message to them asking them whether they would still like to receive your updates. You can then focus on the ones you get a reply from to improve the quality of your deliverability in the long run.

  • Create multiple email subscription types

This activity will help the users choose from the content you are providing and make them more willing to subscribe. For example, if you are a travel company, some of your subscribers might be very interested in knowing about the new trips you are offering while other travelers might want to receive updates every time a blog post goes up.

  • Encourage your current subscribers to share and forward your email

Provide buttons for sharing on social media and emailing to a friend at the bottom of your emails so that those readers finding it interesting enoughcan instantly use these buttons. This will help you gain access to fresh networks, friends, and colleagues.

  • Produce great content

For subscribers to enjoy your content and encourage others to be a part of it, it is very important that the content you produce is remarkable and makes them look forward to it every time they receive an email from you.

  • Leverage offline events

Trade shows, exhibitions, and other such events are filled with audiences that are genuinely interested in your products/services. Use this opportunity to collect their email addresses.

  • Host afree online webinar

Talk about an interesting topic during the webinar and get the attendees to register for the webinar by using their email addresses.

  • Run a promotion on a partner website

This will help you tap relevant audience but from a fresh source. You can swap roles and run a promotion for the partner website later.

  • Guest Blogging

Provide your readers an opportunity to contribute to your blog, send you a testimonial or comment. Get them to register before they can post.

  • Use your YouTube channel

Add call-to-action and URLs to all of your videos to redirect your viewers to a subscription page. You can even include links to relevant landing pages in the text description of your videos.

Executing these pointers in the right manner and using them to keep your customers engaged will definitely get you a large list of followers in the long run.

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