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11 Reasons To Attend #SDSummit 2019

The world of B2B has developed enormously over the years and it hasn’t stopped evolving yet.

That’s why you need to be present at the Sirius Decisions 2019 Summit, regarding the fact that it will include top speakers, use cases and the various changes that are coming up in the future.

The summit will take place in Austin Texas, May 5-8, 2019.

There will be more than 4,000 of your peers for three and a half days of data-driven best practices research, unveiling of new innovations across the B2B space and networking with an elite community of sales, marketing, and product leaders.

The Summit will provide you with the latest updates and give you bits of advice, along with the anticipated opportunities businesses have for the B2B world. It is the right way to stay ahead of your competitors and grow your revenue.

In this article, I will share with you 11 reasons why to attend Sirius Decisions 2019 Summit:

  • Get the chance to meet Common
  • SiriusDecisions Women’s Network Forum
  • SiriusDecisions Wellness and Charity Run
  • B-to-B Boot Camp
  • 2019 Executive Leadership Exchange
  • Bridge your sales and marketing for higher performance
  • Pick up fresh and innovative ideas for your business
  • Widen your network
  • Meet world-class speakers and influencers
  • Promote your business
  • Stay up to date

1. Meeting Common

Common is a multi awards winner, from Emmy to Grammy finishing with Oscar. He is a hip-hop artist, one of the more prominent voices in hip-hop’s new millennium renaissance, and an outstanding actor, along with his philanthropy work.

Common is an incredible influencer when it comes to promoting and inspiring the public. He is an ambitious, diligent person with a courageous touch and affection. Adding, to his ability to change and project new and higher perspectives for the crowd with a huge push of motivation.

By attending SiriusDecisions you’ll be having the chance to meet Common along with attending his speech at the Summit.

2. SiriusDecisions Women’s Network Forum

The feminine touch and skills like empathy, intuition, and optimism of women work towards the benefit of the company.

That’s why SiriusDecisions is focusing on women’s role and growth towards building and supporting the development and promotion of women across all industries in business. Driven by the desire of creating a forum for women to meet and exchange ideas and career advice.

The SiriusDecisions Summit will be hosting a dedicated half day-session on Sunday, May 5th.

The Forum’s main concentration will be on empowering women leaders in the workforce and encouraging them to thrive and reach their full potential.

Regardless, the Forum is open for anyone and everyone.

3. SiriusDecisions Wellness and Charity Run

On the 6th & 8th of May our Summit, SiriusDecisions will be kicking the day off with the 4th Annual SiriusDecisions Charity Run, a boost of energy & positive vibes for all its attendees, through a Charity Run & Yoga sessions which are free-entry by the way.

Not only do these last affect your health condition, but moreover it also works as a mental boost and setting a positive tone during the week by taking part in our energizing wellness activities.

Furthermore, your contribution to the Charity Run will be in the benefit of the VWM Families Foundation, helping in raising money for their noble cause, alongside with your fellow Summit peers.

4. B-to-B Boot Camp

Marketers struggle to get their sales counterparts to “buy in” to content marketing. This is why SiriusDecisions is having a B-to-B Boot Camp.

Our goal is to help you kick your marketing into high gear with our B2B Marketing Bootcamp.

It’s going to be under the form of a fun interactive environment experience, bringing you live the fundamentals of B-to-B marketing along with on-site certification program.

Attendees will be receiving various types of information from Demand type, Relative targeting, Lead taxonomy, The buying cycle, Campaign planning, The customer lifecycle, The Demand Waterfall, to Service-level agreements.

We guarantee a thriving experience for all the attendees starting with Novices, along with experts. Highly engaging instructor-led content, exercises and peer-to-peer collaboration based on the building blocks of b-to-b marketing.

Leaving with the greatest knowledge you could ever pick is our main focus.

5. 2019 Executive Leadership Exchange

At SiriusDecisions, we are more than excited to offer you a perfectly designed program especially for top executives in Sales, Marketing and Product positioning.

Starting world-class speakers:

  • Monica Behncke,
  • Phil Harrell
  • Jeff Lash
  • Jennifer Ross
  • Shar VanBoskirk
  • Mark Jeffries

2019 Executive Leadership Exchange will put-on the table topics and issues-solutions brought to us by CMOs, CSOs, and CPOs of leading companies.

Through a facilitated peer networking that focuses on common challenges and how our elite speakers have succeeded to rise-up to and address rightfully, along with opening networking for the renovation and creation of business connections.

In addition, we will be hosting an exclusive Sunday evening reception on May 5, flavored with a guest keynote for ELE.

Meanwhile, our agenda will contain various sessions such as:

  • The Revenue Engine Strategy Compass
  • Facilitated Networking
  • Thriving in the Culture You Have
  • Guest Keynote: Mark Jeffries

SiriusDecisions’ Executive Leadership Exchange is a closed invitation for marketing and product leaders at b-to-b organizations. You can Register Here.

6. Bridge your sales and marketing for higher performance

The disconnect between sales and marketing teams has historically been a huge problem for many companies. Yet, successful lead generation must go beyond the marketing department. It requires a shared vision that involves all players.

Participating at Sirius Decisions 2019 Summit is a way to bridge the gap between your sales and marketing.

The agenda includes how to achieve high performance by aligning the B2B revenue engine by revealing actionable alignment strategies to accelerate growth. Alignment in your sales and marketing together.

By partnering with Forrester to bring you the latest and greatest insights around what it takes for your business to build a customer-obsessed revenue engine.

The program highlights new, role-based future vision sessions, where SiriusDecisions and Forrester’s analysts are teaming up to provide a first look at what the next three to five years will bring to your discipline.

You’ll learn about top trends and opportunities B2B leaders need to know so that when you leave the Summit, you’re ready to take action and make the future arrive early for your business.

7. Pick up fresh and innovative ideas for your business

Attending Sirius Decisions Summit 2019 gives you the benefit of expanding your vision and picking up new and different ideas that would help ameliorate and develop your work set and skills.

Getting inspired by world top speakers to change and risen your way of work through different discussions and subjects.

Besides, the Summit will include informative sessions concerning the upcoming changes within 3-5 years and the way to take advantage of the future opportunities laying ahead.

Adding, reflecting on the increasing development of technology in B2B, you’ll be witnessing the latest tech evolution along with getting exclusive tips and insights, and above all actionable guidance on the hottest topics and issues in B2B.

8. Widen your network

Your network is one of the most important features as a B2B marketer, Sirius Decisions is the right place to be due to the diversity of the brightest exhibitors, keynote speakers, attendees covering all the aspects of B2B.

Plus, being in an interactive environment offers you the chance to build up effective connections due to the face-to-face interaction that’s going to leave you unforgettable, sharing experiences, getting new perspectives and making new partnerships.

9. Meet world-class speakers and influencers

A variety of the B2B world’s most successful names will be on hand to deliver all of the hows whats and whys of achieving high performance.

It is an opportunity to initiate conversations and learn about what top marketers are up to. Plus, you’ll be able to propose and discuss your work with them.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the speakers who are going to be there:

  • Amy Bills
  • Jacques Begin
  • Julian Archer
  • Vicki Brown

And the list is way longer. Here is the complete Sirius Decisions summit 2019 speakers’ list.

10. Promote your business

Getting to promote your business is one of the essential keys of why you should attend Sirius Decisions.

Being in the middle of such an event surrounded by the brightest minds in B2B is definitely the environment to build new relations and partnerships with other businesses.

Tradeshows and summits are always the right places to generate new leads, build healthy partnerships that will result in revenue growth for your company.

11. Stay up to date

Your presence at the Sirius Summit will you offer you the chance to pick up on the latest trends in the B2B world, what’s new and what’s old fashioned.

You’ll get to witness the newest technological development concerning your work field and how to use them effectively to support your business growth.

As VSynergize,  we are going to be present at the Sirius Decisions Summit 2019, so feel free to look around for us, get latest insights into ABM, improving engagement with enterprise accounts and latest trends in content syndication.

Sirius Decisions Summit 2019 is still keeping the door open for more registrants, you can always register here.

If you are looking to bridge sales and marketing to create a demand generation machine, let’s chat. Whether or not we decide to work together, I will provide insights and strategies that you can implement right away.

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