VSynergize helps you keep your pipeline full of Marketing Qualified Leads. You can gain a competitive advantage and keep your brand top of the mind with your prospects. Every lead is different and might not fit in a cookie-cutter evaluation method. However, VSynergize knows how to get you to kick start your lead generation campaign, make decisions that are precise and generate a great sales pipeline for you.

Power of MQLs

Marketing Qualified Leads have the potential to become great customers. Once a lead engages with your company and looks for a solution to what they are looking for; they are getting great value from your product or services.

MQL Conversions

According to reports, only 13% of marketing qualified leads ever become sales qualified. As top of the funnel leads, it is necessary to engage them and build a good relationship with prospects. Without consistent engagement, leads become disinterested and move on, never reaching MQL status.

We at Vsynergize nurture these unqualified leads that are usually ignored by the sales team, mature them through continuous interactions and move them to the very edge of the sales funnel. These high quality leads convert faster, bringing down your average sales cycle.

FAQ - Marketing Qualified Leads

How To Generate More MQLs from a B2B SEO Program

An MQL is fundamentally a connection that is sales-ready but is still not ready for direct, consideration from sales. On the other hand, SQL is an active lead for direct sales follow-up and should be given the highest priority for engaging. The discrepancy between Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) is necessary to know the sales funnel, and possibly, the potential bottlenecks within it. However, the exact definitions of MQL v/s SQL differ based on your customer lifecycle and are defined by marketing and sales.

How to Convert MQLs to SQLs

The sales metric MQL to SQL Conversion Rate is also known as Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate. The first step is to look at Average Sales Cycle Length, to understand over what timeframe you should expect an MQL to convert on average and factor that into the KPI calculation. For example, you take 3 months to convert from MQL to SQL, you should take SQLs created in month 3rd month and divide it by MQLs created in 1st month.

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