Management Team

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Dheerajj Agarwaal


An MBA from Boston, Dheerajj's sharp business acumen and his honest efforts have propelled VSynergize to its present glory. From an idea and a zest to do something in life, it is Dheerajj's cognition, dedication, experience and energy that has enabled VSynergize to achieve radical growth in every aspect of business process outsourcing and become an International BPO service provider!

The core challenge for most small to medium size companies is increasing costs, lack of innovation as well as hiring and training. It was the realization of this problem that motivated Raj to help companies improve processes fostering growth. He quotes saying: "I consider myself a change agent. Change Agents define, research, plan, build support, and partner with others to create change. The organizational changes that I help to facilitate result in increases in efficiency while simultaneously decreasing costs."

Dheerajj has worked at the US-India Business Council (Washington D.C.), where he promoted International trade between the US and India. His vast experience is also spread across the Real Estate and Hospitality industry in India, in addition to which he has extensive experience in the Finance and Investment banking industry. A multi-faceted visionary, Dheerajj has achieved many a milestones that speaks volumes about his qualities as a leader.

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Vishakha Agarwaal


Vishakha is the incredibly lively and creative light of VSynergize. She is the solution seeker for every problem faced by the VSynergizers! Extremely dedicated and a prodigy in the field of IT, Vishakha has surpassed the boundaries of excellence by post graduating in business administration from Boston! An optimistic and bold leader, she is also a founding director and the Chief Marketing Officer of VSynergize Pvt Ltd. It is her passion and life's mission to help companies by improving processes that can translate into a HUGE saving of at least 50% of business costs! She is down to earth and a huge asset for the growth of VSynergize. A courageous woman with a heart of gold, Vishakha is a ray of light for all employees at VSynergize.

Vishakha is a dynamic professional and has worked with some of the biggest names in the US telecomm sector. Be it Conversent Communications or MCI World Communications, her sharp business acumen stems from all the rich work expertise she has gained. She has also worked for a US based IT firm- Sai Information Systems, where she helped the organization grow leaps and bounds.

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