Case Studies / Lifeline Service Providers

An experienced company from the field of customer service for lifeline service providers in USA. Below are few overview details about our service delivery to our existing clients (Lifeline providers).

Enrollment Team

This team does outbound calls and supports inbound calls for the customer who are eligible for lifeline service based on the eligibility criteria (Government assistance program and low income). We help new and old customers to complete their application form over the phone and guide them the process in details even about types of documents which they need to submit and their submission option (e.g. by camera phone, e-mail, fax & mail) and helping them if they have any queries related to their existing account and notating the account in details as per the conversation so it will be helpful to everyone if they review the account

Online Chat Support

This team gives live support via online chat to customers to solve their queries or if they have any questions.

Document Verification

Our experienced team verifies the documents provided by customers as per the guidelines given by the USA federal and state government for low income and assistance programs in order to get eligible for Free Lifeline phone.

Email Support

This team works on the emails received from the existing and new customers in order to give them customer support via e-mail. The team provides their current status, documents type list if and which needed, If customer requested a representative for a call back or if any escalation team sets an appointment for follow up.

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