SOLUTIONS / Lead generation

At VSynergize, with over 10 years experience of generating continuous leads, we have an award winning lead generating process which has been designed by our experts.

This ensures that we deliver the best quality leads for our prospects which eventually provide the best conversion rates. Our marketing and sales techniques are tried and trusted by more than 200 clients around the world.


  • Step01
    Lead Qualification where we study and understand potential business leads and their behaviour.
  • Step02

    Lead Prospecting where we seek qualified B2B leads to turn into actual clients for you.

    Here, VSynergize is equipped to provide you with marketing qualified leads, who already know about you, and are ready to use your products and services.

  • Step03
    Move those marketing qualified leads into our sales funnel and sales conversion cycle, directing the high qualified leads to your business to build your revenue.

The Flow

At VSynergize, all customers go through a well established flow to ensure profitability for your business and retain the customer permanently.

Hence, our process starts when your potential customers are still strangers. We start with blogs, social media and such, which catch the customers' attention. They visit the website to learn more about the products and services. This is where we capture these potential leads and include them in our lead generation process. Hereafter, our sales experts take over and seal the deal for you, while you continue doing business stress free.

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