"Goodness Is The Only Investment That Never Fails" – Henry David Thoreau

As a 14 year old company, we have seen the highs and lows of our industry and have always faced every challenge as it has come!

We have not only strived to make VSynergize a global name but also maintained a humane side of business. Our founders firmly believe that no business can strive if the society around it fails. They have firmly built their values and goals on the principle that when the wind blows there are those that build walls and then there are those that build windmills. We at VSynergize do just that!

Our CSR initiatives have not only impacted individuals but also villages. We believe in holistic healing as well building a future for many lives.

  • Corporate social responsibility educational

    We provide free education to first generation literates for the VVMVP (Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth) group of schools. In addition to rural development programs, women's empowerment projects and educational initiatives, VVMVP is also involved in Vedic research, medical research and social research.

    Click on http://www.vvmvp.org/ for more information about what we do.

  • Corporate social responsibility adopted

    We have also successfully adopted and rejuvenated a river in Pune and aided in de-silting it which has benefitted 8-10 villages i.e. 10,000 villagers who would benefit from it.

  • Corporate social responsibility meditation

    Our founders have also funded the construction of meditation centers in Pune to provide emotional and physical stress relieving programs under the umbrella of "The Art of Living".

    Our directors also teach meditation and contribute to a stress and violence free society under the teachings of their Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

  • Corporate social responsibility motivation

    VSynergize also practices meditation at work on a daily basis to motivate and encourage our employees and also to bring in positive changes in their personal lives as well.

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