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Targeted B2B Marketing Database Products

Having worked with global clients for more than 17 years has given us valuable experience and insight into what works best and produces results.

Here'S Why Our Data will Not Fail You

  • Global CoverageWe process millions of contacts to discover the exact prospects for your needs
  • Secure & Compliant We hold detailed records of how we have collected and processed data. We use only GDPR compliant data.
  • High-Qualified Contacts We gather the most relevant and accurate data with a low bounce rate.
  • Targeted Lists We build targeted prospect lists with fully customized data - personas, industry, title.


  • VIntel Contacts

    We get intelligent, 100% accurate and phone verified, custom built double opt-in data that helps generate the desired ROI on all your Marketing and Sales campaign activities.

  • VDiscover Contacts

    We curate high quality B2B prospect global Data in real time, helping you to get more increased engagement, qualified Leads & optimized conversion.

  • ABMSuccess Contacts

    We build custom Account Based Data that is highly useful for targeted ABM Sales and Marketing campaigns which need of accurate B2B leads.

  • VIdentity Contacts

    We deliver deeply researched role- based contacts who are decision makers for specific functions; verified and deliverable contacts.

  • VTarget Contacts

    We create highly curated target Account Data by a wide range of criterion for your instant use.

  • VValidate Contacts

    We enrich your decayed Data, ensuring utmost Data hygiene for optimum direct marketing.

VSynergize is all about targeting, targeting & targeting and that's how we differentiate from the rest of the providers.

  • VSynergize




    Inside view

  • Data Availability & Accuracy

    Extensive range of data of SMBs and enterprise level companies.
    Closely accurate data that is GDPR compliant
    Limited to few categories. Shows you data that users choose on autocomplete, rather than a list of results
    Takes 6-12 months to add new employees to companies.
    Data is often outdated
    Inconsistencies in data.
    Limited to only a few geographies.
    Database is very small in comparison to its price
    Range of small to medium sized business data is not huge
  • Business Support

    Every client is provided with a team headed by an account manager.
    Kickstarts business in 24-48 hrs
    Timely communication provided
    Platform can be difficult to navigate
    Do not provide a dedicated account manager for regular communication.
    Takes 6-12 months to add new data
    Unstandardized contact properties
    All CRM solutions not supported
    Difficult to integrate with other apps
    Can't bulk export leads into your CRM
  • Pricing

    Flexible and competitive pricing models, with a free trial period.
    Annual Subscription Fees
    Provide a Freemium Version with consulting
    A limited service trial period is offered.
    Offers both a free plan for general data
  • Type of Data

    Dynamic data that is periodically updated over time as new information becomes available.
    Static data
    Static data
    Static data
    Static data

Leaders from companies large and small trust VSynergize for creating Databases that Power their Campaigns.

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