B2B SOLUTIONS / Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing (ABM) is today one of the most effective strategies for B2B marketers and caters to a wide range of decision-makers and key account roles. ABM enables B2B companies to connect individual buyers to what they're already looking for.

  • VSynergize's specialized ABM services

    VSynergize's ABM services are particularly strong in the areas of IT and Consulting and have immensely benefitted these businesses. We use internal resources more efficiently to determine where to spend time or not. We also determine how the business will use your product individually within the organization.

  • Customized ABM for targeted customers

    If you wanted to work with a very specific company, we allow you to not only reach all the appropriate people in whatever division of the company you're targeting, but also easily customize social ads, display ads, emails, landing pages, white papers, and even direct mail at the target account level.

Advanced ABM techniques to increase conversion rates

At VSynergize, our ABM increases conversion rates and reduces wasted spend. We take pride in our knowledge and expertise and the advanced ABM techniques that we use in order to align the marketing efforts with your sales targets, gather intelligence to support all the sales discussions and customize messaging and content by your preferred buying groups.

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